Inclusion Strategies

Inclusion Strategies
07/22/2017 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM ET


  • $45.00


Kids 'R' Kids International, Inc.
1625 Executive Drive South
Duluth, GA 30096-000

Successful Strategies & Resources for Inclusion

Are you a Teacher or Director struggling to find strategies and resources that can be implemented in your classroom and center when dealing with developing and ongoing behaviors as well as special needs? This 5 hour BFTS training from Brandy Locchetta, DECAL Inclusion Program Manager, is highly recommended for TEACHERS and DIRECTORS.


Three concurrent sessions will cover: Developmental Milestones and Monitoring, Communicating with Families: What to do when you have concerns about a child’s development, and Making Adaptations to Support Each Child’s Engagement.

Cost:                          $45 per person (lunch is included)


When:                        Saturday July 22, 2017
                                  9:00AM - 3:00PM


Where:                       Kids ‘R’ Kids International, Inc.
                                 1625 Executive Drive South
                                 Duluth, GA 30096



Session 1 - Developmental Milestones and Monitoring (1.5 hours)

  • Define developmental milestones and

  • Introduction to Learn the Signs. Act Early. initiative

  • Understand the role of early learning professionals in developmental monitoring

  • Discuss the connection between developmental milestones and the GELDS

  • Identify local (state) and national resources available to support developmental monitoring


Session 2 - Communicating with Families – What to do When You Have Concerns About a Child’s Development (1.5 hours)

  • Review the connection between developmental milestones and the GELDS

  • Discuss the role of opportunity and the importance of connecting activities and experiences for children to GELDS

  • Identify strategies for communicating with families about their child’s development

  • Identify next steps and resources to use when early learning professional’s suspect a child may need extra support (Part C vs. Part B)



Session 3 - Making Adaptations to Support Each Child’s Engagement (2 hours)

  • Identify the purpose for making adaptations

  • Discuss the adaptation continuum

  • Discuss the process for choosing adaptations

  • Describe the process for making adaptations using GELDS resources

  • Identify programs that provide therapies and supports for children with disabilities




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